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8942 Quioccasin Road, Henrico, Virginia 23229

Annual Preventative Maintenance

Managed Generator Services understands that you have already made a significant investment in purchasing a generator, and you want it to work when you need it. That’s why we are so passionate about our annual preventative maintenance programs which ensure your generator works when you need it most.

Annual preventative maintenance can save time and money by preventing downtime, allowing for small issues to be addressed before they become larger ones, prolonging the service life of the generator.

Our experienced technicians are skilled across all brands and sizes of generators. No matter what unit you have, we have the expertise to maintain and troubleshoot it.

Generator Maintenance

You already know that the key to a reliable generator is preventative maintenance and skilled repairs. Allow us to show you how Managed Generator Services can deliver better quality, better service and better peace of mind for you and your business.


Work with experienced Account Managers to ensure your service is on time and scheduled with your business in mind. We are on call 24/7 to help with emergency services and can prolong the life of your investment with tracking performance and recommended services.

24/7 Emergency Service

24-Hour emergency on-call service 365-days a year. And because your Account Manager knows your business and your unit, we come prepared and proactive to get you back up and running. We also offer portable units for redundancy and additional peace of mind.

Experienced Technicians

When you work with us, you work with the best. All of our Technicians are licensed and rigorously trained by the most respected Senior Technicians in the country. Our Technicians also come with a network of internal support and a nationwide network of national service dealers.

“Problem Solved” Mentality

We are committed to even the most sophisticated level of repair
work meaning we will never pass you off. Our Account Managers and Service Supervisors stay assigned to your unit pulling in national service dealers and working through warranty claims for you, meaning you’ll never be left without support.

Annual Preventative Maintenance (Major PM)

Our annual preventative maintenance service—termed a Major PM—includes a 35-point inspection aimed at addressing all of the major manufacturer’s recommended services. Routine oil changes are included in the plan.

  • Major PM

    Our annual 35-point inspection and oil change.
  • Gold Package (2-Year)

    Sign up for our 2-year Gold Package to save money and enjoy benefits like proactive scheduling and prioritized service/storm check.
  • Premium Package (3-Year)

    Sign up for our 3-year Premium Package to get all the perks of our Gold Package plus battery replacement, spark plug replacement, and air filter replacement.

Bi-Annual Preventative Maintenance (Major & Minor PMs)

We strongly recommend a bi-annual service schedule. This includes our Major PM followed by a second 35-point inspection 6 months later, called a Minor PM. This second inspection ensures that your generator is working properly against battery failure, spark plug failure, and other wear and tear.

  • Major & Minor PM

    Our Major PM services include an oil change, plus our Minor PM service 6 months later.
  • Platinum Package (3-Year)

    Sign up for our 3-year Platinum Package to get your Major PM, plus your Minor PM, including battery replacement, spark plug replacement, and air filter replacement. Proactive scheduling and prioritized service/storm checks make this package the best value for your money.

Service Agreement Benefits – When you sign up for our Gold, Platinum, or Premium service agreements, you’ll work with an Account Manager who will proactively schedule your service to ensure your generator is properly maintained at each milestone. And, most importantly, as a service agreement subscriber, you’ll enjoy priority scheduling for all service calls including pre-storm checks.

Our Premium and Platinum packages include both proactive and priority scheduling, battery replacement, spark plug replacement, and air filter replacement.

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