8942 Quioccasin Road, Henrico, Virginia 23229
8942 Quioccasin Road, Henrico, Virginia 23229

Assisted Living Facilities & Nursing Homes

assisted living nursing home generators

Managed Generator Services specialize in service and sales of all sizes of residential and commercial generators.  We have factory certified technicians that work on any make or model of generator.  We have successfully partnered with different nursing home and assisted living groups that have locations stretching down the east coast from Virginia to Florida.  We are up to date on the facilities regulations as well as all NFPA regulatory compliance mandates.

Our commitment to assisted living facilities and nursing homes

We at Managed Generator Services are very serious about creating a partnership and plan to make sure that the generators at each facility perform at top condition when they are needed.  Last year was a deadly year with weather related incidents and MGS is proud to say that the generators we maintained across 5 states had a 98% uptime when power went out and the other 2% we had up within 4 hours.

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A partnership approach

We work hand-in-hand with facility maintenance techs as well as local and state auditors and inspectors to make sure that each site is within compliance.  We create a logbook for each generator with a Maintenance Log Sheet, Weekly Inspection Log Sheet, and a Monthly Generator Test Log Sheet to make sure all relevant information is kept in one easy to find spot.  The logbook also helps us troubleshoot problems earlier and get them fixed before they become a bigger problem.  This helps in the preventative maintenance of the equipment which saves the facility money in the long run. We are also up to date on load bank compliance and have the ability to perform these tasks for you to make sure you are in compliance with this component also.

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Replacement and new site consultation

If the facility needs to purchase new equipment Managed Generator Services are experts in sizing equipment and making sure you get the size of generator you need.  We also have electricians on staff and specialize in turn-key installations to make the process as easy as possible.  We work with industry leading manufactures such as Kohler, Cummins, and Generac and will make sure that you get the best possible price for each facility’s needs.

Portable generators and rentals

Providing assisted living facilities and nursing home groups with portable generators is the backbone of our rental fleet program. Please contact us for special rates, retainer programs and more information on portable generator rentals.

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