8942 Quioccasin Road, Henrico, Virginia 23229
8942 Quioccasin Road, Henrico, Virginia 23229

Colleges & Universities

College and university generator

Schools facing evolving power needs must consider common challenges with codes, utility costs, and the appropriate type of generator(s) for their specific needs.

Campuses are a major consumer of power, and most have many generators. One local university we work with has five generators onsite, and they are planning to add more. Power generators are becoming a standard practice for supporting multiple classroom buildings, dorm facilities, libraries, campus centers, sports complexes, theaters, and more

National Fire Protection Association Compliant

Managed Generator Services is up to date with all NFPA regulatory compliance mandates that all colleges and universities must adhere to. Additionally, we take into consideration the extra levels of difficulty that are added with older buildings that have aging electrical infrastructures. 

Standby Generator Options

Managed Generator Services understand that Universities that have critical power requirements have more rigid testing requirements than those that support life-support systems only. We also are compliant.

Smaller colleges that do not have multiple generators or only supply power to campus-wide life support systems rely on Managed Generator Services to provide portable generators during scheduled maintenance.

Rental Generators

Portable generators are a popular rental solution for smaller campuses and for universities that have multiple generators. These are complete generation units ready to be connected to the grid and assume the electrical load. Managed Generator Services has a fleet of turnkey rental generator units at competitive pricing for the day, the week, the  month and the year. 

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