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8942 Quioccasin Road, Henrico, Virginia 23229

Grocery, Gas Station and Convenience Stores

Grocery, Gas Station and Convenience Stores generators

Extreme weather events have created unique and significant challenges when it comes to energy infrastructure. These challenges have resulted in an overburdened electric grid and, in turn, regional power outages across the country.

A power outage is difficult for any store to manage even under normal circumstances. Preventing loss of product, loss of customer confidence and security concerns are just some of the reasons why Managed Generator Services is the preferred vendor for the grocery, gas station and convenience store industry. 

Gas stations are a necessity during a power outage

Countless studies show that when disaster strikes, gas sales increase. While one might assume customer’s “hunker down” the reality is that people continue to need to get to work, continue their road trip or run out for convenient necessities making gas stations a key destination during power outages. When a customer sees the bright, neon lights of an OPEN gas station during a power outage, it brings feelings of relief and refuge and, as a consequence, drives revenue.

Having a professionally installed and maintained backup generator is essential during a power outage to ensure gas pumps are operational and customers can be rung up to pay.

Additionally, the loss of perishable goods that expire or must be thrown out for food safety considerations results in a loss of $62.5 Million dollars a year.

grocery, gestation and convenience store generators

Additional benefits of backup power

Apart from ensuring you’ll never lose out on potential sales and protect yourself against costly inventory loss due to food safety requirements, a backup generator plays a key role in:


Establishing business continuity 

The ability to stay open, no matter the weather, builds brand trust and drives top-of-mind awareness over your competition. Not only do you increase your current customer’s brand loyalty, but you’re also going to steal market share from the competition, increasing your overall customer base.

Peace of mind

Knowing your business will always be open provides you with invaluable peace of mind. No more restless worrying before or during a storm about your business’s ability to operate.

Assisting your community

While revenue generation and inventory loss prevention are key drivers to a backup generator investment, you can feel good about being a reliable destination in your community, providing your neighbors with the fuel and food they need in an emergency.

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