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8942 Quioccasin Road, Henrico, Virginia 23229

Logistics and Supply Chains

logistics and supply chain generators

In order for manufacturing facilities & processing plants to maintain productivity and generate a constant stream of revenue, they need continuously high outputs of energy. Regardless of what industry sector they are in, such as packaging, chemical processing, textile manufacturing, assembly line, food processing, milling, or materials fabrication, energy demands are constantly in high demand.

Power outages can come at any time for any reason. Whether it’s due to inclement weather, man-made or natural disasters, component failure, or even rolling brownouts/blackouts due to the aging power grid, manufacturing facilities & processing plants need a reliable source of backup power in order to prevent loss of productivity, mitigate profit loss, and maintain safe working environments for all staff members. Negative consequences of extended power outages don’t stop at just loss of operations. Extended power outages could lead to missed project deadline or delivery dates, which can result in loss of trust in your company.

No single manufacturing facility or processing plant has the same exact power needs and requirements. For example, food processing plants, extended power loss could lead to loss of perishable goods or food spoilage, resulting in complete loss of inventory. Processing plants that handle sensitive chemicals could result in unstable chemical reactions or loss of venting systems if the chemicals emit fumes, putting staff at risk. Different sectors of the industry require different equipment and result in different power needs to keep the equipment running.

Back-up power

We at Managed Generator Services are very serious about creating a partnership and plan to make sure that the generators at each facility perform at top condition when they are needed.  Last year was a deadly year with weather related incidents and MGS is proud to say that the generators we maintained across 5 states had a 98% uptime when power went out and the other 2% we had up within 4 hours. That’s how we show our sincerity and commitment to protecting our nations supply chain.

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