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8942 Quioccasin Road, Henrico, Virginia 23229


pharmaceutical generator

Production equipment and support systems to manufacturer pharmaceuticals is more advanced than typical industrial manufacturing. The creation process can be considered long term, with some drugs taking up to a year to create. After creation appropriate packaging and storage until shipping can be as critical as the creation process.

If power is lost without emergency power, costs to the production can elevate quickly with losses to batches in creation, packaging and stored product.

Back-up power

Managed Generator Services  understands that operations and cold storage are critical to keeping our nation healthy, which is why we work with multiple pharmaceutical chains to provide support to their facilities through generator installation, repair and maintenance. Our top-tier techs are assigned to these industry calls to ensure the highest level of expertise and compliance. 

During the height of the  COVID-19  pandemic and hurricanes as recent as Ian, our emergency response teams managed by our dedicated Account Managers proactively worked with the POCs of our pharmaceutical clients to ensure that all units serving the premises were recently checked, response plans were in place and contingency plans were standing by.

severe storm preparation generators

Redundancy through portable generators

A key concept that drives Managed Generator Service’ mission is proactivity. Aside from assigning dedicated Account Managers who document and monitor each of our clients generators, our team also monitors storm forecasts, providing our clients with snapshots of what to expect and how to prepare.

We also reach out to all of our clients in the life-safety field when a storm is expected to ensure they have access to our large fleet or competitively priced portables as an extra precaution against power outages during inclement weather events. 

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